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Eric Lai

With more than 7 years of experience in the e-commerce industry, Eric takes great pride in his work of helping business owners grow their enterprises. Read more.

SHOPLINE Webinar Speaker

Head of Business Development

6 Powerful Insights You Will Take Away From This Webinar 

Great for Beginners

Get SHOPLINE team to help you build and set up your online store.

Business Ideation

What are the trending and high-margin products to sell online?



How to overcome online competitions and get people to buy from your online store?

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to integrate seamlessly to sell on Facebook and Instagram.

Avoid Common Mistakes

The costly and common mistakes to avoid when starting an online store.

Brand Loyalty

How to build a strong, lasting brand to attract returning customers?

Learn How These Web Stores Generate Passive Income  

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Two business partners who are appreciative of SHOPLINE's hands-on help (English language).

A physical retailer who uses SHOPLINE to bring her business online (Chinese language).

A social media seller needed an e-commerce website to get new customers (Malay language).



I can finally own a webstore at an affordable price!


I have no knowledge about ecommerce. SHOPLINE provided hands-on workshops to help me build up my store!


I can finally keep track of my customer database in a more effective way! My GMV hit 4 digits in the first month with SHOPLINE.



SHOPLINE gave us the tools to be successful online. It is so easy and rewarding.


Having a physical outlet limits the reach to customers.


Our loyal customers find it much easier to find us online. They even recommend us to other business owners.



SHOPLINE gave me the confidence to run my first online business.


Brand awareness was difficult as we didn’t have a brick-and-mortar store. Nobody knew us in the beginning.


Melix is growing fast and I am happy that I have SHOPLINE to help me with the online side of the business.


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SHOPLINE is MDEC’s eCommerce Initiative Partner for the National eCommerce Strategic Roadmap.

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SHOPLINE is the technology partner that supports SME’s Corp Pocket Talk Initiatives by providing the solutions and insights in the e-commerce and digital marketing space.

SHOPLINE is partnering with SITEC in supporting their E-commerce masterclasses initiatives to enrich Malaysia SME’s by providing SHOPLINE’s E-commerce solutions.

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Is there any hidden cost?

No, for your information, we do not charge our merchant any commission fees. All our merchants are entitled to all of the profits and revenues they earned.

I have zero experience in graphic design, coding and building a website. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely. We do provide an end-to-end E-Commerce solution.

I already have my own online store, can I move over to SHOPLINE?

Yes, our team will handle the website transition from web hosting to design.

How much does it cost to get my online store running?

We will only charge RM48 on a limited-time basis for you until you kickstart your online store. Talk to our team to find out more!

Do you provide online marketing services?

Yes, we do have a reliable partner in performance marketing specializes in converting your online store visitor to first-time customers, eventually your regular customers!

I don’t have a product to sell. Can I join the Seminar?

Yes, of course! We do connect you to our product suppliers at zero cost! Find out more from the Seminar!


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